• Don't Get Your Chinos All Bunched Up

    Klinsi's NOT impressed with your delaying tactics!

    So, you waited a wee bit too long to order your USA - Germany tix didn't you. Well, we won't say we didn't warn you that this was going to be the hottest selling seat of the season. RFK is going to be rocking on June 2nd and we are sorry that you may not have the chance to join in on the revelry in the Organized U.S. Soccer Supporters sections. 

    However, all may not be lost. We are calling it a "temporary" sell out until we get word from U.S. Soccer as to what the plan "B" might be, if there is one. Please don't waste your time asking Nicole, because our beloved ticketmistress doesn't have an answer for you and she needs to concentrate on the flood of sales for the New York Red Bull and Philly Union matches coming up over the next two weeks.

    Or you could jsut choose to buy your tickets in the upper deck and take pictures of the bouncing stands from above. After all, there is no bad seat in venerable RFK Stadium!

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